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Lonestar Riders Riding Club

2012 Playday Rules

The following rules have been adopted by Lonestar Riders Riding Club and will govern at all Lonestar Riders’ playdays

1)      All contestants are required to read rules. If you don’t understand the rules please ask one of the playday coordinators. Failure to understand the rules is not an excuse.


2)      Any complaints and or problems must be made to the playday committee. The playday committee will settle all decisions of such matter. The playday committee  will consist of current LSR officers. Remember everyone is here to have a good time so good luck to all!


3)      Participants in the events shall be divided into fourteen classes:  

Super Senior Men / Super Senior Women - A contestant that is 40 years of age or older before January 1st of the current year.

Senior Men / Senior Woman - A contestant that is 24-39 years of age before January 1st of the current year.

Intermediate Men / Intermediate Women - A contestant that is 16-23 years of age before January 1st of the current year.

Junior Boys / Junior Girls - A contestant that is 11–15 years of age before January 1st of the current year.

Pee Wee Boys / Pee Wee Girls - A contestant that is 7-10 years of age before January 1st of the current year.

Mini Pee Wee Boys / Mini Pee Wee Girls - A contestant that is 6 years of age and younger before January 1st of the current year.

Leadline - This class is open, non-competitive, and will receive participation awards. The person leading the Lead Line participant must be 15 years of age or older. This division will be ran as the first class at the beginning of each event.  The patterns will be shortened. The horse rule does not apply to the Lead Line Division. This class will not be eligible for top ten awards.

Newbie - This class is open, non-competitive, and will receive participation awards.  This class is for novice adult riders ages 24 and older, who have never competed in any equine related competition. If eligibility is questionable, the playday committee will hold a meeting to verify eligibility. This class will not be eligible for top ten awards.

4)      A rider has the option to move up a class as follows : A Mini Pee Wee has the option to ride as a Pee Wee. A Pee Wee has the option to ride as a junior. A junior has the option to ride as an Intermediate. An Intermediate has the option to ride as a senior. A senior cannot ride as a Super Senior. A Super Senior has the option to ride as a senior. This decision must be made at the first of the year. Once a rider makes this decision, the rider must stay in this class the remainder of the year. A rider may not jump two divisions until age permits.


5)      The running order for each event at each playday will be




Super Senior Women

Super Senior Men

Mini Pee Wee Girls

Mini Pee Wee Boys

Pee Wee Girls

Pee Wee Boys

Junior Girls

Junior Boys

Intermediate Women

Intermediate Men

Senior Women

Senior Men


6)      Participants shall be present at the time of the call for any event. Three calls will be made. If the participant is not ready to ride on the third call, that participant will be disqualified. Once a rider has entered the arena prepared to ride and an equipment failure occurs prior to their crossing the start line, that person will be offered a reasonable amount of time to make any needed



7)      If a rider starts an event and subsequently stops the clock, it is considered a no-time. Judge’s decision is final.


8)      Failure to correct the pattern is a disqualification.


9)      At any time a rider falls or becomes dismounted in any race that person is disqualified. If the contestant has completed the event and falls or becomes dismounted after crossing the time line, they will receive a time.5


10)   A horse may not be struck with playday equipment at any time. Striking a horse with playday equipment will disqualify the rider for the event in which the rider is participating.


11)   Judges may disqualify riders for profane language. The Rules Chairman may disqualify any individual for profane language, disorderly conduct and/or use of alcohol or illegal substance. Threats of violence will be considered severe disorderly conduct. The rules chairman can, with a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote, disqualify any individual for the remainder of the day, disqualify for the entire function (total loss of points), and/or require them to leave the premises for the remainder of the function. The rules chairman will act on any disorderly conduct inside or outside of the arena.


12)   A horse may be ridden only one time in each class or event with the exception of a horse used by a family. Two brothers or sisters may ride the same horse in all events, but a horse may not be used in one event in the same class or event, unless the two riders are of the same immediate family. The immediate family will include a married child and that child's family, grandchildren, a niece or nephew in good standing with Lonestar  may ride their Aunts’ or Uncles’ horse.       Co-ownership does not constitute a family. In case of an infraction of the horse rule, all riders after the first rider will be disqualified and lose their points.  To share a horse, two persons must be legally married as husband and wife, not just living together.


13)   In the event of a tie for end of year, or at any playday, the rules chairman will determine the tiebreaker event, or riders may chose to have a coin toss. If one rider choices to coin toss, and the other wishes to run-off, the rider who does not want to run off forfeits.  When breaking ties, the original horse must be ridden. The running time of the subsequent run must be within 2 seconds of the previous run.


14)   At the judge's discretion, a rake can be used to smooth the arena in any event, to help prevent unsafe conditions. If conditions are unsafe, in any event, the judge has the option of calling for the arena to be dragged.


15)   If a barrel, pole, or pylon is either flipped or hits the ground, the appropriate penalty will be imposed. Playday patterns and rules are posted at sign ups at each playday. Judge’s decision is final.


16)   In the case that inclamate weather occurs once a playday has started, as long as 1 event has been completed, it is considered a playday. Refer to website for any changes or updates. When in doubt, call before you haul, 817-444-7801.


17)   Judges can NOT change in the middle of the class.


18)   All protests must be accompanied by a $100 protest fee and must be submitted by the start of the next event, or 15 minutes after the final rider of their class in that event, whichever comes first.  If the protest is won, the money will be returned. If the protest is lost, the money will belong to Lonestar Riders. The class or individual re-riding due to a protest shall ride at the end of the event. In the event a class is re-run, the riders have the option of keeping the first time ran or they may run again. In the event a protest is made and upheld where the event is set up wrong or the judge had interfered with a rider only the person or persons involved have the option of a re-ride.


19)   Current negative coggins required.

20)   Placings will be given in each class. Fastest time will receive 1st place and placings will go to 5th   place  according to times. Scoring points to determine individual winners will be as follows: 5 points for first place, 4 points for second place, 3 points for third place, 2 points for fourth place, 1 point for fifth place.


21)   You do NOT have to be a member of LSR to be eligible for year end awards. To be eligible for year end awards you must ride in 4 out of the 5 playdays in the series, and you must  work   an event at each playday for every family member competing. Parents are required to work event per child. If your family has 3 or more members competing, you are only required to work event twice that day.

2012 Top Ten Rules     

1)      All above playday rules also apply to top ten.


2)      To be eligible for top ten awards you MUST  be a member of Lonestar Riders. Top ten points will not accumulate until dues have been paid and new members voted in. Dues shall be paid before the start of the playday for top ten points to accumulate. If dues are paid after the playday starts, those points will not count towards top ten. Dues shall be paid in advance commencing each October and are delinquent on the December regular meeting. Members suspended for non-payment of dues will be notified by treasurer via mail and have ten (10) days to respond. Member will be automatically dropped from roster after February club meeting. New members are required to have a sponsor and must be voted into the club by majority vote. 


3)      Top ten will be divided into 2 divisions.

The Junior division will consist of all contestants running in the following classes:

Mini Pee Wee

Pee Wee


The Senior division will consist of all contestants running in the following classes:



Supper Senior


4)      Before scoring points, all non-members placings will be removed and members times will be moved up.


5)      Placings will be given in each division. Fastest time will receive first place and placings will go to tenth place according to times. Scoring points to determine top ten winners  will be as follows: 10 points for first place, 9 points for second place, 8 points for third place, 7 points for fourth place, 6 points for fifth place, 5 points for sixth place, 4 points for seventh place, 3 points for eighth place, 2 points for ninth place, 1 point for tenth place.




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